COVID-19 Too Soon To Reopen?

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COVID-19 Too Soon To Reopen?

By: Bri Marin -UMMC Spring Hospital

It’s no secret Texas is among one of the first states to be reopening amidst the coronavirus pandemic, issued by Gov. Abbott over the weekend. There’s a lot of concern and questioning whether or not is it really safe to do so? Will all of our efforts have been for nothing? Will positive cases peak after reopening? While we’re not 100% sure what IS going to happen after we re-open our doors, there are a lot of scientific and medical brains speaking their knowledge on the matter and giving recommendations on what we should be doing. So what do they have to say? Do they agree with reopening? Or do they think It’s too soon? 

            Let’s start with the facts. United Memorial Medical Center in Houston has been running testing sites for nearly 4 weeks now. We have tested over 12,500 people in the Houston Area. The positive testing rate continues to be in excess of 8.4%, which doesn’t seem to be going down. UMMC is still urging people to social distance and wear a facemask out in public, as well is the CDC.

            Dr. Peter Hotez a Houston based vaccine and infectious disease expert, believes there is too much to do to reopen. He stated, Texas is probably in its peak right now. He thinks it’s important to slow down, as we approach reopening the economy. 

            While it may be too soon to start reopening the economy, there is hope. The IHME model data projection of deaths at the beginning of April was projecting more than 6,000 deaths by August, now it’s down to 957 anticipated deaths by August. 

            We can all do our part to help flatten the curve. Continue social distancing at least 6ft apart, wear a mask out in public, and WASH YOUR HANDS! It’s obvious that even if we “reopen” we’re not in the clear yet!

If you or someone you know needs to be tested. UMMC Spring Hospital in North Houston is still offering testing to anyone who needs it. Visit our website @ to register.