Elective Surgeries Resume

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Elective Surgeries Resume

Issued by Gov. Abbott. On March 22nd all elective surgeries were suspended by government order, and many Texans were left no choice but to cancel or postpone their scheduled or planned surgeries. Wednesday April 22nd some elective surgeries in North Houston were allowed to resume.

Many medical practices rely mainly on daily elective surgeries to stay in business. For the past several weeks many hospitals and private practices were left no choice but to close down their facilities and layoff, furlough, or cut hours of many healthcare workers amidst the coronavirus outbreak. 

Now that surgeries are resuming many private practices, doctors and hospitals are cautiously getting back in the loop. Taking all precautions and safety measures to keep their patients and employees safe. Most doctors are doing COVID-19 testing on all patients before clearing them for surgery. 

Stated in the executive order there are some restrictions to reopening hospitals to elective surgeries. It is required that hospitals reserve at least 25% of their capacity for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Any procedures performed must not deplete hospital capacity or any protective equipment needed for the COVID-19 disaster.

In compliance with the Texas state requirements and CDC recommendations, UMMC Spring Hospital now back open for elective surgeries is doing their part in assuring all patients and staff are safe.