Is COVID-19 over?

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Is COVID-19 over?

A question that everyone in the world is still asking, and still doesn’t know the answer to; when will all of this be over? For many people, it may feel as if it is over. Texas being among one of the first states to reopen and now almost back to full capacity. One of the things many of us feared is, was it too soon? Of course, only time will tell if our government made the right choice or not, but here are some numbers as of current that may suggest a relapse of COVID-19 cases.

-The total number of confirmed cases in Texas is 74,978

-49,758 people have recovered

-1,830 deaths to date

During the month of April the Greater Houston Area had a downward trend of cases ranging mostly between 100-300 new cases a week. Since reopening as of May 28th we were seeing a spike in positive cases at mostly over 300 new cases a week. As of June 2nd we’re continuing to see a surge and are logging new cases on the rise between 400 and 600 new cases a week in Houston.

Seeing these numbers comparable to pre-quarantine, leaves us to believe there could be a possible round two of COVID-19. The best thing we can do to prevent this is just be aware this isn’t over, it is still very much real, and while the hype is down, our guard should not be. Protect yourself, wash your hands, wear a mask, and get tested!

Please visit for testing resources in the Houston area.