Most Common Emergency Room Visit Reasons

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Most Common Emergency Room Visit Reasons

Emergency room are equipped with the latest technology equiptment and specialist and not to mention open 24 hours. They provide care for the most dangerous conditions such as trauma, stroke, heart attacks, infection, and severe bleeding. 

Most emergency rooms also work in partnership with other hospitals and can arrange for quick transfer if its required.

Here is a ist of the most common reasons people visit the ER:

Stroke Symptoms:

Stroke is one such condition which needs immediate emergency medical attention. This can save someone’s life. The symptoms of a stroke are very common in adults and are one of the common reasons why people visit an ER. A stroke occurs when the blood flow gets cut off to a part of the brain. This can cause severe brain damage and even death in some cases.

Various symptoms of a stroke are:

  • Confusion
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Loss of balance or fainting
  • Feeling weakness on one side of the body or face
  • Difficulty in understanding speech
  • Blurred vision or vision loss

If you face any such symptoms, you must rush to your nearest emergency centers immediately.

Chest Pain:

A bigger problem might seem little in the start, which is why it is suggested never to ignore any kind of pain. If you are experiencing chest pains or sensations of pressure in the area, then it is recommended not to take it lightly. Chest pain can be a false alarm which may have been the cause of indigestion. But you cannot rule that possibility out without have proper testing.

ECG(electrocardiogram) is used by the experienced physicians and nurses to rule out whether you have a serious heart condition or not. People who experience symptoms like pain in the arm, shortness of breath, heartburn, dizziness, must seek emergency rooms immediately.


Only a medical professional can tend to burns because they have proper medical training. Sometimes, the pain is not a reliable indicator of how damaging and serious the burn is. The size of the burn is the real indicator as severe burns also destroy the nerve ending, which makes it impossible to feel anything.

You must seek emergency immediately if the burn looks more than three inches wide. If the burn is forming blisters and its paining when applied pressure, there is a chance of long term tissue damage. Make the right decision and visit theemergency center nearby.

Difficulty in breathing:

If you are facing difficulty in breathing, it can be a symptom to many health problems. There are many reasons which can cause complications in breathing. Allergic reactions, asthma attack, heart attack and many more can cause difficulty in breathing.

If you eat some you are allergic to, then it can cause trouble in breathing. It is always suggested to head to the ER when such a problem occurs.


Trauma can happen to anyone and is one of the most life-threatening injuries. There are thousands of Americans who have been diagnosed with such condition lat year. It can happen due to a dangerous car accident, a fight or any other reason that can upset you mentally. It is very easy to tell if someone is suffering from a trauma injury.

Some of the common symptoms of a traumatic injury are unresponsiveness, speech difficulty, and vomiting.


It is not a surprise that accidents are even in the list of emergency conditions. Anything from a twisted ankle, to a concussion or a fractured leg in the car accident, falls in this category. There are athletes who are sent to an ER when they face a concussion or any pain while playing.

Patients from bad car accidents are directly sent to the ER so that their condition can be stabilized.

Emergency centers are made in a way so that they are very accessible and situated near to you. Emergency Centers such as Spring Hospital are providing quality care in communities and will address your problems properly and in a timley manner. If you ever think you're having a real emergency, don't hesitate to visit your local emergency room. Better safe than sorry!