Surgical and Emergency Room Services in Spring TX

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Surgical and Emergency Room Services in Spring TX

Spring Excellence Surgical Hospital (SESH) announced availability of full surgical and emergency room (ER) services to communities in Spring, The Woodlands, and surrounding areas of Houston TX.

Spring Excellence Surgical Hospital ( strives to provide the very best service in the most comfortable setting possible. SESH has the cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment equipment to treat patients in the most effective and timely manner. The ER is open 24×7 every day to meet needs for the community.

“I would like to personally welcome you to Spring Excellence Surgical Hospital, where we are committed to meeting the needs of our community and providing high-quality compassionate care with the finest technology and services available today” said Dr. Mirza Baig, CEO of SESH. “Here at Spring Excellence Surgical Hospital, our motto is to “Strive for Excellence” and that’s what we plan to do with our patients, doctors, and staff” he said.

SESH features a comprehensive range of services to communities and doctors in the surrounding areas. The hospital has an emergency room, a laboratory, and imaging facilities including X-ray, CT scanning, and ultrasound. Hospital provides surgical services including general surgery, plastic surgery, podiatry, gastroenterology, ENT, orthopedic, spine surgery, and pain management. The CEO, Dr. Mirza Baig, himself is a very well-known neurosurgeon in the area. Dr. Baig’s expertise will ensure the patients of their health and safety before, during, and after their treatment at the hospital.