The Future of Healthcare

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The Future of Healthcare

In this ever-changing world, we’re constantly trying to adapt, trying to find new ways and expand technology. It’s always felt as if healthcare was the leading rapidly progressive industry, taking on any challenges that came its way. When COVID-19 first struck, our healthcare system proved this to be true. 

            Healthcare is something none of us really want, but we all need it. From the moment, we’re born, we are submerged in healthcare, born in hospitals, yearly vaccines, routine checkups, you know, the things that keep us alive, so to speak. Many people live a lot of their lives in and out of hospitals and medical facilities, their lives depend on it. The healthcare system has no choice but to get it right, as we ALL rely on it. Just as the world is always and currently changing, healthcare systems must quickly adapt to whatever is thrown at them. 

            A burger joint might have been able to close its doors, as no one relies on burgers to stay alive, for the most part. Hospitals, doctors, nurses, emergency rooms, they didn’t get a chance to panic, the thought of closing didn’t even cross their mind. If they were essential, they stayed, not knowing what the future holds, but knowing they must go on, they must adapt, because this is what healthcare is all about. 

            Healthcare systems soon realized they have coped with the new norm of the global pandemic, but the rest of the world hadn’t. People’s lives now consisted of being at home. Medical facilities kept their doors open, but no one was coming through them. Surely there was a lot of people that needed to see a doctor, but didn’t know how or what consequences would come with being out in public, especially around other potentially ill hospital goers. Elderly were advised to not be in public at all, how were they getting the healthcare they needed? 

This is when healthcare systems decided to not just cope but once again adapt. 

            Telehealth is something we’ve all heard before, but not many took advantage. A lot of practices weren’t even telehealth compatible. It was easier to just make a phone call schedule an appointment and see a doctor in person. Good luck finding a medical practice now that’s NOT doing telehealth. Telehealth is now more personable and advanced than ever, and what used to be a weird thought of video chatting a doctor in your own home, is now the new norm.

Video chatting via family, friends, your workplace, and doctors is now the new way of life for many around the world.  Not only are we finding its much more convenient for everyone, but it’s a logical progression in the right direction.

            Looking up, the future of healthcare is exciting. Combined with engineers, scientist and some of the most motivated and brilliant minds in the field, its destined for an ever rapidly changing industry. So what’s next? Only time will tell.