Have you ever considered participating in research?

It could be for any reason. You may have a family member with a disease, you yourself may not find success with current available treatment options, or you could be curious about advancing medical knowledge for everyone. Whatever your motivations, CCRI is the place to participate in research safely while being fully informed. Patients can expect no cost for their study related healthcare visits and patients generally receive compensation for their participation.

Why Choose Us

At Spring + Heights Hospital, we put the patient first. We are proud to offer quality care, specialized equipment, and advanced technology in a safe, family-friendly environment. Our clinical professionals strive to be among the best providers in the healthcare industry. Everything we do at Spring + Heights Hospital is focused on the patient and our guests. From the physical design of our facilities, to our inpatient services, to our medical, surgical and diagnostic equipment, at Spring + Heights Hospital we are redefining the concept of compassionate and professional care at a full-service surgical hospital.


Our unique structure is designed to improve outcomes, maximize efficiency, and decrease timelines for our stakeholders.


With our team-based approach to clinical research, you can rest assured that your I.P. is given the best possible chance for success.


With over 50 PI’s in all different specialties, we have the capacity to conduct clinical research in most all indications.

Are you a CRO or Sponsor looking for sites for an upcoming
research study?

We’d appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you!