Hospital food…. Am I right? For decades, hospitals have been notorious for their culinary shortcomings. Many who have stayed in hospitals may remember family members smuggling delicious means from… anywhere really – providing a welcome escape from the drudgery of hospital meals, which at their best were flavorless; at worst – well, we won’t go there. Bad hospital food has become a cultural meme – hospital food humor a generational tradition rivaling Christmas carols. But at Spring Heights Hospital, we don’t fawn over traditions that affect our patient’s happiness. Our staff is razor focused on giving the best available service right down to the food we feed our patients. Don’t believe us? Check out this Google Review:

Here at Village Health, we know the integral part that food plays in nursing our patients back to health. Ensuring that each patient receives the proper nourishment for a successful recovery is an important responsibility—a responsibility that is tirelessly carried out by our incredible cafeteria team.

The team, consisting of Diana Ramirez, Alba Udave, Alexandra Ochoa, Rosy Quintanilla, and Bobby Keeling, work hard everyday to provide meals for both the patients and staff of the hospital. When asked if there was any pressure knowing that she and the team were largely responsible for the dietary health of so many, Alba acknowledges that although there were, she and her team always work together well in spite of it in order to get the job done. They strive to make sure that the taste and presentation of each meal will be to everyone’s liking. “You want people to see the food you make and want to eat it and enjoy it,” Alba says.

There is no doubt that the well-being of the patients is important to the cafeteria team, and they make every effort to guarantee everyone is well taken care of. Together with the hospital’s doctors, they consider the dietary restrictions of the patients and make meals accordingly, as well as prepare breakfast and lunch for the staff, often taking individual orders and catering to specific requests.

However, beyond making and serving the food, Bobby says having great customer service is a large part of caring for the patients. “Sometimes, something as simple as asking how they’re doing or if there’s anything else you can do for them makes a big difference,” Bobby says. Their patience and dedication to doing the best they can in providing for everyone in the hospital is apparent, and recognizing that the patients have certain needs, apart from the food they’re being fed, is only one of the many ways the cafeteria team shows their compassionate care.

Despite the pressures and stresses that come with working in a role that’s primary goal is to care for others, when asked about their motivation, the answer was simple: knowing that they are able to help and support the patients and the hospital. The team is motivated and fulfilled by the fact that they are contributing to something as important as everyone’s dietary health. Bobby even says, “It’s an honor to make meals for the patients and staff. I’m happy just to know that they enjoy the food I make.”

There are many parts of a hospital that work together to create a foundation that ensures the well-being of everyone. Diana, Alba, Alexandra, Rosy, and Bobby are perhaps one of the most important parts of Village Health’s foundation that helps us deliver the best care to each person that walks through our doors. Despite working behind the scenes of the hustle and bustle, quiet yet dedicated in their support for the hospital, there is always an immense appreciation from patients and staff alike for everything they do.

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